A Resolution

This year I made a resolution.  Well really, I made it in December of last year, but that’s beside the point. My goal this year is to start 3 businesses.  That sounds like a dumb idea to most people.  The conventional wisdom is to work on one good idea until it’s complete, rather than spread your attention out.  I agree, but the goal of this is less about starting a successful business, and more about learning how to start one.  I have run a business before, and I did it wrong.  I programmed it wrong, managed it wrong, and screwed just about everything up.  I wish I had learned my lessons quick and tailored future actions to that, but I didn’t.  I let it drag on forever.  I learned a lot from that failure.  I hope that by starting more of them I’ll learn new things each time.  Maybe a few will stick, most wont.  The important thing is to just do it instead of continuously thinking about doing something eventually.

Jonathan Coulton did something that really inspired me.  Thing a week.  And I think he did a few of them.  He wrote a song every week.  Not all of them were good, none of them would be break out hits, but quite a few are what I consider niche classics.  By just writing one song a week he came out with almost 5 albums worth of songs in a year.  Thats impressive to me.

What am I waiting for?  It’s not like I need to start 52 businesses.  I just need to start 3.  And no, this blog doesn’t count 🙂

About @BusinessCait

I'm a small business addict. Not that I've started a lot, but I digest every bit of information that I can. In the past I've started a web based game that did well, and I intend to turn it around soon with what I've learned since then. I also have new things I am working on, and if any of them make it past the first stages you might hear about them. Lately I've taken an interest in social media management. I'm not a marketer, but I'd like to see how businesses can put it to the best effect.
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