Hitting the wall

I hate the point in coding where your changes transition from major features to tidying up the existing code. It’s hard to get motivation to keep going at that point if you haven’t released yet and aren’t getting constant feedback from others about the progress you’re making. I need to release asap to get into a feedback loop, but I can’t do that before the app is at least minimally operational.

About @BusinessCait

I'm a small business addict. Not that I've started a lot, but I digest every bit of information that I can. In the past I've started a web based game that did well, and I intend to turn it around soon with what I've learned since then. I also have new things I am working on, and if any of them make it past the first stages you might hear about them. Lately I've taken an interest in social media management. I'm not a marketer, but I'd like to see how businesses can put it to the best effect.
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