Warning: Nerd hobbies

I am interested in genetic algorithms and neural networks.  I admit it, I’m a super nerd.  I’m a fan of AI, ALife, cellular automation, and collective intelligence as well.  Even more nerd stuff.  My big problem is that I’m not too creative.  I always see great possibility in the latest thing, but it’s pretty rare I can think of a good use for it.  I can solve the traveling salesman problem a million ways.  If I was writing for orbitz that might help me, but how do I turn that into an online business I love as much as I like learning about it?

About @BusinessCait

I'm a small business addict. Not that I've started a lot, but I digest every bit of information that I can. In the past I've started a web based game that did well, and I intend to turn it around soon with what I've learned since then. I also have new things I am working on, and if any of them make it past the first stages you might hear about them. Lately I've taken an interest in social media management. I'm not a marketer, but I'd like to see how businesses can put it to the best effect.
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  1. Kevin says:

    The research side of the creative process is what most people struggle with. As far as the creative piece that you feel your missing; I’d bet your just over looking it.
    Try not to confuse innovation with creativity. Creativity is to novel as Innovation is to improved. [vernacular]

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