Ideas I follow very closely

My post earlier today made me want to post a general list of ideas I tend to follow.  They are things I’m interested in, and maybe there is a business in some of them for me.  Some of them produce a lot of business ideas, some are just personal interests.

  • Crowdsourcing
    • This one seems too simple to list, especially with how many places use it now.  I used to play an online game in the early 90s.  You telneted into it and roamed around (a MUD).  At first the game seemed extremely random to me, but later I found the reason why.  Once the players had been playing long enough and beat all of the challenges, they could design new areas.  So actually the game was designed by the players, rather than any one specific person or group.  It was just a giant digital commune.
  • AI/Collective Intelligence
    • I mentioned this one in an earlier post, but I’m fascinated by AI.  Mostly from a business sense, it seems like I should be able to find a way to automate lots of tasks and have an interesting idea grow organically.  Lots of places process tons of user data and pattern match it already, netflix and amazon most evidently.  There are a few other AI techniques that could go along these lines with business applications as well.
  • Cryptography/Privacy/Anonymity
    • Once again mentioned in a previous post, but I like to know what trails I’m leaving and I like the comfort that comes from knowing no one is going to go through my embarassing journal entries/photos.  Having this as a hobby means I go completely overboard with the details.  I was ecstatic to find that Ubuntu allows you to encrypt your home directory with a simple checkbox at user creation.  Something is comforting about having control over your own personal details.  How can I help other people get that level of comfort without hindering them as it becomes impossible to keep our data offline?
  • Business automation/business tools in general
    • I love anything that takes away all the administrative details of running a business and lets me focus on the core product itself.  I love online businesses because they can give one person the power of a huge shop.

I have no idea how I can fit all of these into one business idea, but man that would be interesting.

About @BusinessCait

I'm a small business addict. Not that I've started a lot, but I digest every bit of information that I can. In the past I've started a web based game that did well, and I intend to turn it around soon with what I've learned since then. I also have new things I am working on, and if any of them make it past the first stages you might hear about them. Lately I've taken an interest in social media management. I'm not a marketer, but I'd like to see how businesses can put it to the best effect.
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4 Responses to Ideas I follow very closely

  1. CurtisJennings says:

    Your post reminds me of this book i read in my old cyberphilosophy class

    Also – a data / app decoupling protocol that involves encryption ( the host is now containing a thank you message and a link to the spec – it’s a little less accessible as they move forward – but the idea is the same – separate the application from the data – give the user the ability to grant access to their own data )

  2. Juan says:

    Nice range of ideas — they all interest me greatly. I do believe that there is value in doing one thing well. Perhaps with well defined APIs and standards (think semantic web vCards, defined taxonomy, etc) you can have a bunch of small, well-designed things work well together. But, yeah, a version 1.0 would most definitely be a mash-up of everything and then you refine/split/refactor as you grow 🙂

  3. These are all sources for good business models – even many of them successfully exist. Why would you even want to combine them all into one? Just take one and run with it. Take any one, they are all equally good, and just as important to those who will use your product.

  4. Ernest says:

    I am a huge fan of AI as well and am always looking for more ways to ‘code’ AI into the platforms I work on. Huge fan of Ubuntu as well even though I am mainly an Apple guy. I really love the way Ubuntu is tackling the Cloud head on and I think that over time, once the dust settles, we will have an awesome opportunity to analyze big data in the cloud to better our AI algorithms and code.

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