My name is Caitlyn (@BusinessCait) and I’m a startup junkie.  Mostly you’ll see me posting on this site, but once in a while you may see a guest post.  The name of the site comes from a conversation some of my friends and I have a lot.  I’m lucky to have a very talented group of friends, and we’re all very accomplished in our own little ways.

I want to use twitter, this blog, and other social media to talk about the type-A stuff we’re doing, and talk with other people that are trying to accomplish their own things.  For me that’s going to mean businesses.  I want to hear what other people are trying to start, and I want to pass on the tidbits that interest me.  Hopefully this can be a discussion rather than a publication.

I see it time and time again where people want to do things, but they don’t think it’s possible for them.  Mostly they just don’t know how to start on whatever path they want to proceed down or they don’t actually have the drive to do it.  Maybe if we talk a little about how we’ve done the things we’ve done, or how we plan to do them, people will figure out how to do their own things as well.

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  1. Hey Caitlyn,

    Welcome the start up addiction club 🙂

    You may want to check out a friends blog that has some *great* material that he has curated over the last 6 months or so (maybe longer?!)


    Always happy to share my input and experience with your ideas, looove hearing about new ideas!


  2. Paul Ainsworth says:

    Bless you.
    I thought I was the only one.
    The startup addiction club – love it.
    If there’s a web or App coder who wants to work on personal budgeting applications – let me know.
    Now then, what else can I start …

  3. Zev Posner says:

    Do I hear an SAA in our future …. there r those of us driven to create and the rest … so what startup r u currently working on? … i am always looking for great minds and talent to join with me as we try to summit!

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